We are so glad you have decided to visit us! We know that choosing the right church for you and your family is a tough decision. That's why we want to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

We are a regional church with two locations in the Langley area: in Murrayville at 21562 Old Yale Road, and in Fort Langley at 9025 Glover Road.

During the Covid Pandemic we are offering worship online at 10:30am. Go to our YouTube Channel or click on the links on our Homepage to access our weekly worship. We also offer a Jazz Vespers alternative worship experience monthly on the 3rd Sunday of the month, at 4pm.

Throughout the week, there are various ways that we gather together: meditation, art, yoga, social groups, men's and women's groups, youth groups, outreach projects, etc., although many of these gatherings have been suspended during the pandemic.

Explore the Events and Ministries to learn more about these ways to connect, in general and during this pandemic time. Many of our groups are meeting through Zoom. If you are finding what you are looking for, email Rev. Sophia and she would be happy to guide you to any available opportunities to connect with others.

We at United Churches of Langley welcome and include everyone. We believe in a God who loves diversity. So, we do our best to welcome diversity, believing that everyone is necessary.

There are three locations of Washrooms in our Murrayville site: There is a Gender-Neutral Family washroom in the Community Hall off the entrance lobby of the church. Gender-specific stalled washrooms are in the hallway behind the sanctuary and Gender-neutral washrooms are available downstairs near the children and youth rooms.

Please check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. If you'd like to chat with a minister to find out more or receive some support, please send a message to Rev. Sophia Ducey or the church office, and we'll be in touch! 

We love to hear from you and see you soon!

For more details, please check our FAQ page.