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UPDATE: The fundraising goal was reached before the deadline! Thank you to all who answered the call and contributed to this initiative. Thanks to you, grocery gift cards were purchased and distributed to all families on our list right before the summer break!

The UCoL's Starfish Program Committee is inviting the congregation and members of the wider Langley community to take part in an initiative to provide weekend food for our backpack students during the summer break.

If you need to become more familiar with our Starfish Pack Program, read about it HERE.

In the past years, we have been able to provide this service in our annual budget. Due to the increased number of students requesting assistance and continued high food costs, we cannot provide it within our budget this year.
With schools closed for the summer, students do not have access to the food programs that are available when school is in session. We invite you to join us and adopt a student or two so we can continue to provide gift certificates to students for the summer.
We are assisting 57 students with food for weekends. The cost for gift certificates is $180 per student, for a total cost of $10,260 for this initiative. 
Please mark on your cheque or envelope: 

We will collect donations until June 16, 2023, so the gift certificates can be purchased and delivered to the students at the close of schools for the summer.
Thank you for your generous support of our Starfish Program. With your assistance, 57 students will have a good summer and food for nourishment.