Season of Oasis

The Season of Oasis ~ Nourishment in the Wilderness!

The overall message of all the Exodus readings during this Season of Oasis (September 13 - October 20) is God’s ever-present offering of nourishment in the wilderness: bringing manna to the hungry, pouring forth water for the thirsty, providing guidance for how to be in community. 

“God can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water!
God can make springs flow into desert lands,
and turn them into fertile valleys so that cities spring up.”
~ Psalm 107:35-36  

Oasis: a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well; something serving as a refuge, relief, serenity amid chaos, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.  

Come journey with Moses and all of us, opening up to God’s nurturance in the wilderness. New Life is being nourished. And God is always present with and for us, in whatever wilderness we may find ourselves.