Right Relations

In Luke 14, Jesus requires that his followers leave behind their possessions to follow him. While this may not be a practical or attainable choice for survival, it begs the question: what is holding us back from following Jesus?

There are pieces of this life that we cling to which do not serve us. This week we discern together what those pieces may be - add your voice in the chat and let us know what you want to let go of that no longer serves you or your journey with God. These need not be physical objects, but perhaps ideas, habits, prejudice, or assumptions.

Some ideas keep us fractured from other beings, getting in the way of living into our values and adding to the hurt in the world. Today’s service offers hymns that can serve as a balm for these injuries, as we separate ourselves from the hate of this world, to work towards a world with love as the foundation, built on understanding and right relations with all things living.