Want to know the most DELICIOUS way to support our church? Order Purdy's chocolates from our fundraiser! Shop gifts for family, friends, neighbours AND yourself in one convenient place. This year, we’re hoping to raise money for the UCoL operating funds, and we need EVERYONE'S help! 

From now until November 29th, you can order Purdy's treats, which will be ready to collect any time after December 17th. You can make your order online, or using a paper form.

To make your order online, go to our fundraiser web page, enter your email address and click “Join Campaign.” Then, browse the catalogue, make your selection and pay for your order by credit card.

To make a paper order, first pick up a printed catalogue and an order form from the church (either site). Browse through the catalogue, fill out the order form and include a cheque made out to United Churches of Langley. Drop off your order at the church office or put it on the offering plate on Sunday.


Thank you, EVERYONE, for your support. Even if you can’t participate in this fundraiser, it would mean the world if you could share this fundraiser link, https://fundraising.purdys.com/1582757-109395, with everyone you know!