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At the September 2021 Board Meeting of United Churches of Langley, a motion was passed to “initiate a Community of Faith Profile and Financial Assessment for our future sustainability”.

UCoL is now prepared to go forward with a vote to determine how the congregation would like to proceed. The date will be after church, Sunday, January 21, 2024 at 12:15 pm in the Sanctuary at the Murrayville site. 

The following important documents are helpful to read prior to the meeting. 

Community of Faith Report -  This is the one we will be discussing & voting on. This report includes an outline of 2 recommended pathways forward for our congregation. Each pathway proposes different staffing models and includes processes of re-vitalization.  This document is particularly important to read as it is the primary reason for the special congregational vote on January 21. We hope this allows you to have a solid understanding of what your vote will mean.

Background Documents that create context for the Community of Faith Report

2017-2023 Financials Summary - This document shows the total income and expenses for 2017 -2023, along with an accounting of Offsets (Social Justice & Outreach Fund and Wage Subsidies). It also includes the market value of UCoL investments.

Identity Discovery Summary – The information in this document was compiled initially from the group identity workshops in 2022 in which the congregation participated. Other information sources also contributed to this document. You will likely recognize some of the content here.  This document was made available in Spring of 2023. 

Living Faith Story for United Churches of Langley – This document outlines who we are, what we do and how we do it. It is a very informative view of United Churches of Langley’s focus and actions.

These four documents can be accessed HERE.