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This Advent Season we will be engaging a four-part Advent sermon series, focusing on the phenomenon of privilege. Each Sunday during Advent, as a part of the worship service, we will watch a video of a sermon delivered by a prominent preacher, that examines the privilege from different angles. These sermons will help us learn about the place of privilege in our lives as we live and move as God’s people in today’s world. May you truly understand that you are blessed to be a blessing. 

December 1‘Beginning Advent with Fear’ - Privilege from an Individual Perspective, by Rev. Norm Seli, Minister at Jubilee United Church, Toronto. 

December 8‘Changing Our Self Perception’ - Privilege from a Community Perspective with Rev. Michelle Rowe, Minister at Maple Creek United Church in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.  

December 15‘Having a Breakdown Before Being Built Back-Up’ – Privilege from a National Perspective by Rev. Jordan Cantwell, 42nd Moderator of The United Church of Canada.  

December 22‘Salvation Through a Girl, the Spirit and a Baby’ - Privilege from an International Perspective by Rev. Philip Peacock, Executive Secretary for Justice and Witness at the World Communion of Reformed Churches, Church of North India. You can watch a short segment of this sermon at the bottom of this page.

There will be opportunities to share thoughts and ask questions about the sermon each Sunday in Advent after worship; at Coffee Hour in Fort Langley, and if you are in Murrayville, gather with your chosen refreshment in the Sanctuary.