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Easter Greetings!

I am Eilleen Anderson, the UCoL Board Chair this year. 
I would like to share a few words today with you, the Congregation.
Here we are - going together through 2021 – with COVID ever present in our surroundings.

I pray for good health for everyone (physical, mental and spiritual) in these challenging days.  We are all missing in-person time with our friends, our families and “our friends in our church family”.  We all look forward to the time we can greet one another and visit in person (maybe even without masks!)

Our first meeting of the Board elected at our Annual Meeting in February was on March 16 (on Zoom, of course).  We have all 14 Board positions filled.  It feels good to be in service with all these faithful and competent individuals who have committed themselves to share the responsibilities of the UCoL Board. 

Click on the Document link below for my full message to you, the congregation of United Churches of Langley.