The 2021 Board

of United Churches of Langley

Eilleen Anderson
  • Chair of the Board
Tom Louie
  • Past Chair of the Board, Property & Stewardship Committee Chair
William Ness
  • Vice Chair of the Board
Maureen Burgess
  • Secretary of the Board
Barb Nelson
  • Treasurer
Jordan knox,%20stacey
Stacey Jordan-Knox
  • Chair of the Ministry & Personnel Committee
Lynda Christensen
  • UCW Representative
Chandra Carlson
  • Pacific Mountain Region Representative
Marianne Clarke
  • Pacific Mountain Region Representative
Sylvia Mountain
  • Pacific Mountain Region Representative
Joanne Rathgeber
  • Member at Large
Sandi Takasaki
  • Member at Large
Rev. Ryan Tristin Chapman
  • Minister with focus on >50 year old Adult Faith, Pastoral Care and Outreach

The Board and the Ministers form the leadership team of the congregation. Both are accountable to the congregation: the Board through elections and the Ministers team through Call. Clergy are non-voting members of the Board.

The Board is responsible for governance, it holds fiduciary responsibility for the congregation, and is responsible for creating policy. 

The spiritual responsibilities of the Board include having an open, consultative and broad-based approach in leadership while making inspired and insightful decision making, creating policy, engaging in the discernment of the Church’s direction and showing reverence and empathy for all members of the congregation in providing a vision for the entire congregation.

Together, the Board and the Ministers guide the congregation in discerning the vision and articulating the mission through a spirit of open conversation and broad participatory decision-making practices in facilitating strategic planning, setting goals and overall directions, and stewardship.

The Board delegates some of its work to Board Committees. Board committees include (but are not limited to) Finance, Board of Trustees, Ministry & Personnel, Stewardship, and Property and Maintenance.

All members of the congregation are encouraged to participate on committees as per their gifts and passions.