Social Justice Langley is a ministry area of United Churches of Langley.

Social Justice Langley is about reaching out to, and supporting, people marginalized in our community.

It is about partnering with the community and other organizations to meet immediate needs of food and shelter and safety, to community building and relational journeying, to systems change in areas such as, Indigenous rights and reconciliation, women's rights, racism awareness, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental protection, universal basic income, mental health awareness and support, refugee support, and so much more.

This journey is immense and is better done together. Let us partner in this journey to work towards equality, inclusivity, empathy, and community.

Community Partnerships

Meeting needs of food, shelter and safety
Sources Langley Food Bank

We help provide a minimum of 2 days of food per person each week and additional items for infants, preschoolers & school aged children. ...More

Christmas Hampers

We help with sharing together in some Christmas cheer, families receive several boxes of groceries and a gift for each family member. ...More

Starfish Pack Program

We help provide food over weekends to kids who would otherwise come to school on Monday hungry. 3000 school kids in Langley School District do not get breakfast, lunch or dinner on the weekend. ...More

Nicomekl Breakfast Program

Breakfast is served at Nicomekl Elementary School every school day by a dedicated band of volunteers. ...More

Refugee Sponsorship

Our Refugee Sponsorship team is currently working hard to bring a family of 5 to Canada ...More

Langley Seniors in Action

We actively support this senior led organization of volunteers that includes seniors, and community organizations that support seniors ...More

Farmers' Market Coupon Program

We are a community partner in this program that provides coupons to lower-income families, pregnant people and seniors to purchase vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, dairy, cut herbs, meat and fish. More...

Egg Cartons, Glasses, & Aluminum

We collect Egg Cartons, Glasses, & Aluminum to support local farmers and multiple charities. ...More

Fair Trade Coffee

We purchase our coffee through Level Ground Trading because they are local, fair trade, and give back to the farmers' community ...More


We partner to lead this yearly walk in Langley

“The sacred walk is a distinctly Canadian and Indigenously flavoured act of political, spiritual and social witness.” ~ Bishop Mark MacDonald, National Indigenous Bishop, Anglican Church of Canada

Since 2015, after the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, thousands of Canadians have participated in this walk annually at the end of May, in recognition of the many Indigenous families who were wrongfully subjected to the systematic abuse and cultural genocide in the Residential Schools


Advocating for Systems Change

Social Justice doesn't happen without systems change. And systems change doesn't happen overnight. Quite the contrary. Most of the time, the needle moves only little bits at a time. But continuing that movement towards a more equitable and inclusive future is worth the journey.

Join us for that journey. Engage with the community and let's leave this world a better place than when we came

Journey with us: