A thanks from Josh

Earlier in the year, we helped Josh replace his RV home that was burned down. He wanted to meet us and send a message of thanks for all the help he has received from so many of you.

"No" is not gender neutral
Society has a real problem dealing with female dissent

The latest edition of Broadview Magazine (April/May 2021) has a great lived perspective article, written by freelance writer, Jackie Gillard. It is a reminder that there is still inequality in how women are treated in our culture... Read More

Anti-Black Racism continues

Broadview magazine published an article called, "What I Need from White People". It was written by Adele Halliday, a Black Canadian anti-racism educator and General Council Office staff person. And it was in response to the murder of George Floyd. 

As Black History Month ends, we are reminded by Halliday, "Please keep doing this work long after the current display of anti-Black racism has faded from the news cycle and our social media feeds. ...Please. Do something, for God’s sake. For all our sakes."

"I Can't Breathe"

by artist H.E.R.

There is so much power in the songs of a generation. And especially during Black History Month, listen to this song! It reflects the cry of a generation fed up with racism so systemic, that we don't even see it all around us. And yet, it's so powerful and invasive, that Black folks are literally dying because it

Social & Cellular Pathways Underlying The Embodiment of Racism

Dr. David Chae discusses health disparities within racial minority populations.